Head of Department & Professor


Dr. Muhammad Bilal Kadri
DPhil (PhD), Engineering Science, Oxford, UK
BS, (Computer System Engineering), GIKI

Dr. Kadri has earned his doctoral degree from the prestigious University of Oxford, UK. He has authored/co-authored 15 research papers in reputable international journals and 33 research papers in international conferences. He has over 15 years of teaching and research experience. He is also serving as Chairman SDP (Senior Design Project) Committee in the College of Engineering. Dr. Kadri is the principal investigator (PI) of the research project titled “Design and development of Intelligent Mobile Robots (IMRs) for disaster mitigation and firefighting”. The project is funded by National ICTR&D Fund. Prior to joining KIET he worked for 05 years as an Assistant Professor in the Electronics and Power Engineering Department, NUST-PNEC, Karachi.

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor
PEC Certified Program Evaluator (PEV) for OBE Based Accreditation

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Research Interest:
Control Engineering, System Identification, Optimization and Robotics



Dr. Muzaffar Mahmood
M.Sc (AE), CIT, UK
BE (Mechanical Engg), NED

Dr Muzzaffar Mahmood has over 30 years experience in academics and industry.
He retired as a Pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. During his service, besides teaching and research he was responsible for the developmental work at the University, especially establishing new departments, notably Textile, Biomedical and Marine. He has supervised four PhD projects and has over 18 research publications.

Research Interest:
Applied Energy, Power Plants and Applied Statistics.

Assistant Professor


Duraid Pic

Engr. Muhammad Duraid
M.E (Mechanical Design), NEDUET.
B.E (Industrial and Manufacturing), NEDUET.

Mr. Muhammad Duraid is currently working as lecturer in College of Engineering (CoE), KIET. He received his B.E. (Industrial and Manufacturing) degree from NEDUET and M.E. (Mechanical Design) degree from NEDUET, Karachi. He is competent in design and manufacturing technology. Currently he is teaching Mechanical related subjects. Moreover, he is research oriented towards Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.

Research Interest:
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.

Sofia Yousuf

Engr. Sofia Yousuf
PhD (Electronics) In Progress, KIET
MS (Electronics). KIET
B.E.(Electronics), NEDUET.

Ms. Sofia joined KIET in 2017. She is currently lecturer in Mechatronics Dept. She completed her Bachelors in Electronic Engineering from NED University of Engg. & Tech. And Masters from KIET in the year 2018. She has also worked in IMR (Intelligent Mobile Robots) Project funded by ICTR&D at KIET. She is currently PhD student at KIET. Her research work is based on Sensor Fusion, AI and Robotics.

Research Interest:
Image Processing, Sensors, Design of Estimation Algorithms,Controls.


Ms. Bushra
ME (Electronics), NED UET
BE. (Industrial Electronics), Mehran UET

Backed by the immense experience in electronics field, Ms. Bushra is currently working as a lecturer in College of Engineering (CoE), KIET. She did her B.E in Electronics from Mehran UET and M.E in Industrial Electronics from NEDUET, Karachi. She is teaching electronics related subjects at the moment. Furthermore, she has research interests in the field of control engineering and robotics.

Research Interest:
Control System, AI and Robotics


Mohammad Saad Salim
BS (Mechanical Engineering), GIK Institute
MS (Mechanical Engineering), Kyungpook National University, South Korea.

Mr Mohammad Saad Salim has done his MS Mechanical Engineering from KNU South Korea where he authored /coauthored 3 research papers in high impact factor journals such as Energy and ECM. His MS thesis was mainly based on Organic Rankine cycle based combined heat and power systems. He joined KIET in January 2021 as a Lecturer and is teaching courses related to Mechanical Engineering.

Research Interest:
Renewable energy systems such as solar power systems and CAD/CAM.


Engr. Misbah Ul Haque
MS (Electrical), Mohammad Ali Jinnah University.

Engr. Misbah Ul Haque has over 5 years of experience in academics and research. He graduated in Electronics Engineering from Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology, Karachi, in 2016 and completed his MS Electrical degree from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, in 2018. He has done his research and MS Thesis under the supervisor of Dr. Kashif Ishaque who ranked amongst the top 2% scientists in the world and the top scientist in Pakistan in the field of Electrical & Electronics as per Stanford University Global Ranking, and was also ranked #1 in the Directory of Productive Scientists of Pakistan (PSP) in Engineering, made by Pakistan Council of Science and Technology (PCST). Apart from teaching, Engr. Misbah Ul Haque has been a part of the design team that developed an in-house Control Systems Trainer for the Engineering Department. He also has hands-on experience in Outcome-Based Education (OBE).

Research Interest:


Engr. Muhammad Ahsan Nawaz
B.Sc (Mechanical Engineering) UET Lahore.
MS (Mechanical Engineering) Kyungpook National University, South Korea.

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Nawaz has done his MS in mechanical engineering from KNU South Korea with specialization in Applied Thermal Fluid Engineering. He authored/Co-authored 3 journal papers on Bio-fuels, Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) and Solar Energy/Clean Energy. He joined College of Mechatronics Engineering in September 2021 and is teaching Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering related courses.

Research Interest:

LAB Engineer

Hamza hamid

Engr. Hamza Hamid Taimuri
B.E. (Mechatronics), KIET.

Mr. Hamza Hamid Taimuri has been appointed in January 2018, as a Lab Engineer in Mechatronics Department, College of Engineering at KIET Main Campus. He had completed his Bachelor’s degree BE-Mechatronics from KIET (Main Campus) in 2017. Currently he is pursuing his MS in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING from KIET (Main Campus). Currently he is conducting Mechatronics & Electronics Labs. Moreover, he is research oriented towards Robotics, Control Systems, PLCs, & Software Engineering.

Research Interest:
Robotics, Control Systems, PLCs, & Software Engineering.


Muhammad Tehreem
ME (Electronics) In Progress, KIET
BE (Electronics), KIET

Mr. Muhammad Tehreem is currently working as a Lab Engineer in College of Engineering (CoE), KIET. He received his B.E. Electronics degree from KIET. Currently enrolled in Masters (Electronics) in KIET. He has successfully completed the project of 3 DoF robotic arm for Robtics Lab. Hands on experience in CNC machining and CAD designing.

Research Interest:
Robotics, Control Engineering, Mechatronics System Design & CAD Modeling.