Head of Department & Professor

Dr_ Arsalan

Dr. Syed Arsalan Jawed
PhD. (Analog IC Design and Micro-Electronics) FBK & University of Trento
MS. (System-on-Chip), Linkoping University Sweden
BE. (Computer Systems), NEDUET

Profile: Dr. Arsalan did his PhD in analog/mixed-signal Integrated Circuit (IC) design from University of Trento, Italy in 2009. He is currently HOD Avionics at PAFKIET and the Director of Electronic Devices, Circuits and Systems Research Group. He has worked with reputed organization such as ST Microelectronics, Analog Devices, NESCOM, Open-Silicon, EFABLESS and KACST. He has published more than 30 papers in ISI indexed journals and peer-reviewed international conferences. He holds two patents and several other patents are being reviewed by USPTO. He has been actively involved in establishing international collaboration at KIET with KACST-KSA, IROI-China, UAEU-AlAin, EFABLESS-USA and Ohio-State-USA. He is the Principal Investigator of ICTRnd Funded project on Monolithic CMOS Microsystems

Research Interest: Smart Sensor Readout Integrated Circuit Design, High speed IO Design for Wired Communication, Multispectral Imaging Integrated Circuit Front-end Design, Data-Converters, Low- Power and Low-noise Preamplifiers for MEMS and Opto-Electrical devices.

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Najeeb Jafri

Engr. Syed Najeeb Haider Jafri
BE Avionics, CAE MBA Marketing B.Sc Defense & Strategic Studies (Air War College)

Profile: Syed Najeeb Haider Jafri is associated with PAF-KIET since 22-Sep-2008 and is performing as Director College of Engineering since 2014. Mr. Jafri has served Pakistan Air Force for 31 years. He is an Avionics Engineer and has an extensive experience of Aircraft and Radar System Engineering. He has also received degree in Strategic Studies and Human Resource Management.He spearheaded the manufacturing of Pakistan’s first Airborne Radar at PAC Kamra.

Research Interest: Avionics, AI, Image Processing, Virtual Retina Display and Direct Voice Input.

Mujahid Ali

Syed Mujahid Ali MPhil, Physics, UoK MS, (Applied Mathematics ), UoK

Profile: Syed Mujahid Ali is a passionate physicist. He has a firm background in mathematics that has sharpen his analytical skills. His teaching has two main features, strong grip on physics and his interdisciplinary approach towards it. His innovative ideas inspire students. Before joining PAF-KIET he has served as a faculty member of Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering. He is currently involved in research in theoretical mesoscopic physics.

Research Interest: Open quantum systems, quantum optics, quantum-classical transition, quantum optomechanics and foundational issues of quantum mechanics.

Fahd Khan

Mr. Fahd Khan
ME, (Micro System Design), NEDUET
BS, (Electronics), SSUET

Profile: Mr. Fahd has more than 5 years of industry experience in CMOS IC designing. He has worked in Monolithic Solutions Inc an IC design firm having held the position of Senior Analog IC Design Engineer. He has experience in working at the cutting edge RF CMOS technology having worked with high profile industry customers such as Microchip and LG electronics.

Research Interest: Transmitter and Receiver Front-end Design, Power Amplifiers, High Speed PLLs for CMOS ICs. CMOS readout circuit design.


Ms Sana Moin
ME (Electronics), NEDUET
BS (Electronics), NEDUET

Profile: Ms. Sana Moin has more than 5 years of teaching experience. She worked as an Energy Auditor and CDM Coordination Engineer at Wellbeinggreen (Pvt.) Ltd. She has an experience in working with low power analog CMOS circuit for biomedical application.

Research Interest: Analog/Mixed signal integrated circuit design.



Engr. Rehan Rasheed Khan
MS (Aerospace), IST BE, (Electronics), PAF-KIET

Profile: Mr. REHAN RASHEED KHAN is Lecturer at PAF-KIET. He holds a BE in Electronics with specialization in Avionics and MS in Aerospace with specialization in guidance, navigation and control from IST.

Research Interest: Control algorithm, design of special purpose system dynamics, optimization, and 2D and 3D simulation over MATLAB and simulink.

Hasan Naqvi

Engr. Hassan Naqvi
M.E (Telecommunications), NED
B.E (Avionics), PAF – KIET

Profile: Mr. Hassan Naqvi is working as lecturer at College of Engineering, PAF – KIET. Before joining PAF – KIET, he served for a year as NOC (Network Operations Center) Engineer in Comstar ISA and VSATs. He has teaching experience of three and half years.

Research Interest: ICommunications, Software Defined Radio. Reconfigurable Antennas, Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Management.

M. Aaquib

Engr. Muhammad Aaquib Shahbaz
MS, (Electronics), PAF-KIET
BE, (Electronics), NEDUET

Profile: Mr. Aaquib has 3 years of industrial experience in CMOS IC designing. He has worked in Monolithic Solutions Inc, a Fab-less IC design firm having held the position of IC Design Engineer.During this period, has worked on deep submicron CMOS technology including 65nm & 40nm TSMC, 55nm Global Foundry and 110nm & 150nm L-Foundry. Experienced in completing several complete design cycles including; architecture study, the design of RF/ Analog/Mixed Signal cells, layout of critical cells as well as the evaluation and testing of prototypes.

Research Interest: Low Noise Amplifiers , Analog Baseband, Power Amplifiers for CMOS ICs. MEMS design and CMOS readout circuit design.

LAB Engineer

M. Junaid

Engr. Muhammad Junaid
BS, (Electronics), SSUET

Profile: Mr. Muhammad Junaid has 3 years of industy experience in CMOS IC designing, Formerly IC Design Engineer at fab-independent IC designing firm MSI and has experience in analog and mixed-signal IC design and layout for IEEE 802.11 wireless transceivers. Familiarity with IC engineering life cycle, system definition and architecture.

Research Interest: Analog VLSI design, Analog Integrated Circuits, ultra low dropout voltage regulator IC engineering life cycle.

Usman Amin

Mr. Syed Usman Amin
MS (Electronics) (In-progress), PAF-KIET
BE (Electronics), PAF-KIET

Profile: Mr. Syed Usman Amin has approx. 1 year of industry experience in PCB Designing and Circuit Debugging. He has worked in Microsystems (pvt) Ltd. an PCB Designing firm having held the position of Design Engineer. He is also the member of EDCAS (Electronic Device Circuit And System) PAF-KIET.

Research Interest: Low Power Temperature Sensor Design, Data Converters, Analog IC Design.

Noman Raza

Mr. Noman Raza Shah
BE (Electrical), PAF-KIET

Profile: Mr. Noman Raza Shah has done research on Air Purification Syetem. He designed and implemented the air purifier. It also provides information about the surrounding atmosphere with the help of air quality sensors which is the real time evidence for its cleaning efficiency of his project. He is the member of EDCAS (Electronic Device Circuit And System) PAF-KIET.

Research Interest: Power Electronics, Control System and Communications.

Usman Javed

Mr. Usman Javed
BE (Electrical), PAF-KIET

Profile: Mr. Usman Javed has done research on Energy harvesting from wi-fi. He also research,designed and implemented the hardware that capture wi-fi signal from the environment and make it useable for ultra low power devices. The Harvesting module also clean the Electromagnetic waves which are in abundant in the environment. He is the member of EDCAS (Electronic Device Circuit And System) PAF-KIET.

Research Interest: Electronics and Antenna.

Hasan Mustafa

Engr. Syed Hasan Mustafa
MS Electronics (In-progress), PAF-KIET
BE (Electrical), PAF-KIET

Profile: Mr. Hasan Mustafa has been extensively involved in R&D at PAF-KIET since his undergrad years and has worked on various projects. He has an experience in Analog IC designing and high-resolution digital IC layout. He is currently serving as lab engineer at PAF-KIET.

Research Interest: CMOS Low Voltage Differential Signaling, Analog IC Design, FPGA based Systems, High Resolution Digital IC Layout, Microsensors Readout Interface.

Visiting Faculty / Adjunct Faculty / Project Liaison

Dr. Najam

Engr. Dr. Najam Muhammad Amin
Adjunct Faculty Member
PhD Circuits & Systems, Institute of RF- & OE-ICs, Southeast University, China (2011-2015).
M.Sc. Communication Technology, University of Ulm, Germany (2007-2009).
B.Sc. Electronic Engineering, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi (2003-2007).

Profile: Dr. Najam is currently working as an adjunct faculty member of College of Engineering, He has worked as an Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering (CoE) PAF-KIET. At the same time he wss also working as a postdoctoral researcher in the National Mobile Communications Research Lab. of Southeast University (SEU), Nanjing, China. He was awarded a fully funded scholarship by the Chinese Government for his PhD studies. He has recently acquired an innovative talent fund from SEU (China), worth RMB 10,000 for his postdoctoral project namely “An In-Band Full-Duplex Transceiver Front-End for 5G Cellular”. Dr. Najam has authored and coauthored 10 research papers in high impact factor journals and international conferences until now. He has also worked in leading telecom companies such as Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks in Germany.

Research Interest: Circuits and Systems, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) design for wireless applications, Modeling transmission lines and other passives for Millimeter-wave (MMW) applications.


Dr. Syed Roomi Naqvi
Adjunct Faculty Member / Project Liaison
IC Design Engineer at Intel Co

PhD (Electrical Engineering), Arizona State University
MBA (Global Management), Arizona State University
MS (Electrical Engineering), Arizona State University
BS (Electrical Engineering), NEDUET

Profile: (Adjunct Faculty) Dr. Roomi has over 17 years of experience in all aspects of IC design and validation, including digital, analog and RF. Have worked in the New Business Initiatives Group at Intel responsible for developing innovative technologies and products.
Technical leader with proven track record of strong leadership and hands-on expertise in product
development in both entrepreneurial and established organizations
Extensive experience in leading dynamic organizations, growing and developing teams, and delivering to
customer commitments
Have been awarded two patents and have three research papers published.

Research Interest: PLL, DLL, Clocking, A/D, D/A DC-DC converters
Mixed Signal Validation.

Syed Nudrat

AVM (Retd) Syed Nudrat Kazmi
Visiting Faculty Member
MSc, (Defence & Strategic Studies), National Defense University
MS, (Aerospace Engineering), University of Dayton Ohio, USA
BE, (Aerospace Engineering), CAE, PAF

Profile: (Adjunct Faculty) A career in PAF as Aeronautical Engineer spanning 36 years, with experience in the domain of aircraft maintenance (French, American and Chinese systems) and managing production lines for maintenance repair & overhaul and manufacturing of aviation products. Wide ranging experience in project management as chief project director of JF17 aircraft co-production project in collaboration with international vendors. Excellent skills in setting up of logistics, production & quality management systems, training of human resource & product development.

Research Interest:

Syed Salman

Engr. Syed Salman Ahmed
Visiting Faculty Member
MS (Electronics). PAF-KIET
B.E.(Electronics), NEDUET
MBA (Mkt & Fin), IBA
MEM (Quality Mngt.) NEDUET
MA (Economics) UoK
BE (Aerospace), NEDUET

Profile: (Adjunct Faculty)Aero Structure & Aero Engines Systems Management, PAF
Airborne Electrical / Instrumental Systems Management, PAF
Quality Assurance / Quality Control of Airborne Systems, PAF
Associate Professor in College of Aeronautical engineering, PAF
General Engineering & Support Facilities Management, PAF
Research & Development of Aerospace related field, PAF
Aviation and Ground Safty Management, PAF

Research Interest: General Management
Human Resource