Engineering in last few decades have taken dramatic turns. The gadgetries we use to dream of and see in fiction are practical in day to day use. Nations who have conquered technology are ruling the world and those who were in deep slumber are now suffering both politically and economically. College of Engineering at KIET is committed to provide, an outstanding Engineering education, distinguished research programs and excellent engineers, who should serve humanity in general and Pakistan in particular.

The College offers Engineering programs leading to Electrical, Avionics and Mechatronics approved by Pakistan Engineering Council.

Engineering programs are developed after extensive deliberation in the Engineering Advisory Board comprising of distinguished academicians, eminent professionals, executives and technocrats. The purpose of all this exercise is to arrest the latest trends requirement of industry and appropriate student placement.

The basic purpose is to transform a raw budding engineer into a professional who has the ability to think, innovate and adapt to local environment, economizing recourses and increasing efficiency.

To achieve all this we constantly update our faculty, facilities, equipment, labs, workshops and training aids. The project based learning is one of our strengths where our students are confident both theoretically and practically.

KIET College of Engineering gives special emphasis on employment and training of faculty. We have an excellent, devoted and dedicated faculty available for teaching engineering courses.

I am confident that with all our facilities, highly qualified faculty, academic disciplines, research orientation and engineering approach, KIET Engineering graduates would be one of the finest candidates available in country for engineering industry.