International Seminar


International Seminar on “Integrated Circuits, Micro-Systems and Supporting Technologies” KIET – College of Engineering KIET, Karachi is organizing an International Seminar on “Integrated Circuits, Micro-Systems and Supporting Technologies” in the main campus of KIET Karachi on 17th and 18th November 2016. The Director of the Institute of RF and OE-ICs,…

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MATLAB Workshop


Get yourself registered for the upcoming workshop on “Exploring MATLAB”. The objective of this workshop is to make students familiar with the MATLAB basics and its applications in Engineering. This is level 1 workshop, tentative attendee are expected to be new learners. Send SMS on the [0333-2655545], mentioning your name…

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Aviation Expo 2016


KIET College of Engineering [COE] participated in Aviation Expo 2016, held in Karachi on Sep,25th 2016.   The Expo was aimed to bring awareness related to Aviation and Aerospace among the young generation of the nation. The students from COE made their presence available at Expo and actively participated in series…

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ROBOTICS SUMMER CAMP (18-22 JULY 2016) KIET (Main campus) COE department had arranged Robotics workshop from 18-22 July 2016 .In this workshop the students made two Robots “Line following Robot” and “Obstacle avoiding Robot”. The purpose of this workshop was to interface hardware with software and build an autonomous Robot.…

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