Vision Statement:
“We envision to be a center of excellence in Mechatronics engineering where highest quality education produces ethical and visionary professionals at national and global levels with a focus on research and entrepreneurship”.
Mission Statement:
“To educate students through highly qualified faculty to have strong theoretical and practical expertise, team-work, leadership qualities, ethical values and entrepreneurship skills. Establish and maintain state-of-the-art laboratories, latest curriculum and industrial linkages. Prepare graduates to pursue higher studies and undertake research at national and global levels”.

BE Mechatronics

Accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council.

BE Mechatronics is a unique multidisciplinary specialization that combines precision mechanical engineering with electronics, robotics, computer control and artificial intelligence in the design and manufacture of industrial products and processes. From fuzzy logic controlled washing machines to space exploration, mechatronics systems are at the forefront of technological developments.  Robotics, Manufacturing, Automotive Engineering, Aerospace, and Medical are just a few of industries that are benefiting from developments in Mechatronics. These industries now look for graduates that have a broader engineering background including Electronic and Mechanical and IT skills. Graduates of this specialization are expected to secure positions such as Graduate Engineers, Development Engineers and Project Engineers.

Why choose BE Mechatronics at College of Engineering?

  1. BE Mechatronics is PEC accredited program.
  2. Teaching by distinguished faculty that includes IEEE and PEC members.
  3. A project-based and rigorously monitored engineering program.
  4. BE Mechatronics program best suited to Automobile, Robotic and Electro Mechanical industry requirements.
  5. Good job opportunities upon graduation – students near graduation undergo career development seminar and workshop that provide excellent career preparation.

Program Objectives

The objectives of BE (Mechatronic Engineering) program is to prepare Mechatronic engineers

  1. The graduates will apply their engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems. Carry out research, design, analyze and experimentally validate the systems and conclude valid results.
  2. The graduates will be able to meet industry expectations, equipped with the usage of modern tools, have good communication skills, and be able to work as a team member while demonstrating project management skills. Should have a commitment to life-long continual learning and to promote entrepreneurship ventures.
  3. The graduates will be effective engineers with high morals & professional ethics as well as awareness of the societal impact of Mechatronics Engineering with reference to environment.

Program Composition

CoE has come up with a comprehensive curriculum covering not only the areas of engineering and sciences but also incorporating courses in humanities, social sciences and management sciences. This is because CoE wants to make visionary engineers with high ethical and moral values working to serve the humanity.
BE (Mechatronic) is a 137 credit hours program. Courses have been classified as non-engineering and engineering courses as shown in the table below.


Number of Courses

Credit Hours

Non – Engineering









The curriculum has been designed to provide the student basic knowledge in the broad area of Mechatronic engineering. The course of study is focused on the fundamental concepts enabling the students to pursue a career in any area from research and development to sales. In addition to the laboratory work that get the student familiar with electrical, electronic and computing equipment and with experimental techniques, course projects, in almost every course, help the student to learn how theoretical knowledge can be converted into working projects.