Vision Statement:
“To impart highest quality engineering education with an aim to produce proficient, creative and ethical electrical engineers who can take the role of visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers at national and global levels”.
Mission Statement:
“To educate students through highly qualified faculty to have strong theoretical and practical expertise, team-work, leadership qualities, ethical values and entrepreneurship skills. Establish and maintain state-of-the-art laboratories, latest curriculum and industrial linkages. Prepare graduates to pursue higher studies and undertake research at national and global levels.”

BE Electrical with Three Major steams

Permitted by Pakistan Engineering Council.

The growing range of electronics employed in every field and industry and the trend towards miniaturization, mobility, networking, robotics and remote control has created a tremendous demand for professional electronics engineers as designers, developers and engineering managers. The structure and curriculum of this program is comparable to any international engineering degree program.

Computer Systems Engineering:
This program is an integration of several fields of electrical engineering and computer science. The graduates of this program can concurrently design hardware, software, firmware, and manage all forms of computer systems used in the industry. This program provides the knowledge and skills to plan, develop, test and supervise hardware and software systems, which relate to communication and networks, signals processing, software engineering, intelligent controls and embedded systems.

Rapid growth in the telecommunication sector is evident from the deep penetration of internet and mobile phones in every nook and corner of the country. There has been a spurt in telecommunication investment from local and foreign sources. This has created a surge in demand for telecom experts that can plan, develop, erect, manage and maintain telecommunication networks and systems. With more and more companies entering this industry, high demand for telecommunication specialists now exits in the job market.

Why choose BE Electrical at College of Engineering?

  1. BE Electrical program with majors in Electronics,Computer Systems Engineering and Telecommunication is approved by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).
  2. Courses taught by distinguished faculty that includes IEEE and PEC members.
  3. A project-based and rigorously monitored engineering program.
  4. BE Electrical program best suited to industry requirements.
  5. Good job opportunities upon graduation – students near graduation undergo career development seminar and workshop that provide excellent career preparation.

Program Compositions

The objectives of BE (Electrical Engineering) program are to prepare electrical engineers:

  1. CoE has come up with a comprehensive curriculum covering not only the areas of engineering and sciences but also incorporating courses in humanities, social sciences and management sciences. This is because CoE wants to make visionary engineers with high ethical and moral values working to serve the humanity.
  2. BE (Electrical) is a 137 credit hours program. Courses have been classified as non-engineering and engineering courses as shown in the table below.

Program Objectives

The objectives of BE (Electrical Engineering) program are to prepare electrical engineers:

  1. The graduates will apply their engineering knowledge to critically investigate and analyze the complex technological challenges faced by the nation and be able to design sustainable solutions for them based on modern tools and practices while meeting high ethical standards.
  2. The graduates will compete proactively in both local and international, industry and academia, by indulging in a lifelong process of research and development in their individual capacity as well as members of project teams to match the pace of the rapidly changing world of technology to transform Pakistan into a knowledge based economy.
  3. The graduates will use their knowledge and skills to effectively contribute towards engineering jobs’ creation by undertaking roles as entrepreneurs and project managers/ marketers to undertake new technological projects in the country for continued indigenization of technology for sustainable economy.


Number of Courses

Credit Hours

Non –